About Me

Sup, I’m Kaylaaaaaaaaa!

What’s that you ask? No, I don’t actually breathe fire, the name of the blog reflects my love of both spicy foods & straight trash talking.

I  hope to incorporate both into my musings, though not all the food that appears here will be spicy and not all of the talk will be trashy (but most of it probably will).

I’m a twenty-something recent college grad living in Iowa and trying to find my place in the world like any other. Lately, that place has been in the kitchen or at the gym. Coming to the tail end of a 50 pound (and counting…) weight loss, my relationship with these two places has changed dramatically in recent years. This isn’t meant to be a weight loss blog because I’m not living my day-to-day life with the intention of losing weight nor did I ever consider myself to be on a “diet” (disgusting, filthy word.) Instead, I’m here to share my transformation to healthy living and more importantly, how I maintain that state of health.

I’ve noticed that the things I love tend to start with the letter F.

Food. I love cooking. Usually it’s for myself because I live alone (LOVE) and my cat doesn’t eat people food. And not because of my lack of effort either. I offer.

Friends. They’re total weirdos.

Flowers. I work at a flower shop. Yes, with a college degree. Blow me.

Fun. Gettin’ drunk on the weekend.

Fitness. Workin’ off the calories I drank over the weekend. Usually by running.

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. ‘Nuff said.

I can think of one more. But I will spare the tender eyes.

Ok, that’s enough about me for now…just follow along, k? K.

P.S. Sorry my site isn’t cool yet. Workin’ on it.


1 thought on “About Me”

  1. Ashley Blosch said:

    Love your site and i’m looking forward to its progression!

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